How to see only the most reliable #CoronaVirusSA tweets

On Thursday 5 March the first case of Coronavirus was confirmed in South Africa. The hashtag #CoronaVirusSA quickly went, uh, viral, shooting up to the #1 trend countrywide. As with all mass hysteria on social media, there’s plenty of misinformation flying around. How can we as social media users ensure that what we read, believe[…]

Six free social media sleuthing tools for journalists and other inquisitive types

Social media sleuthing. Sounds kinda ominous, right? Not really. Nothing about social media sleuthing is illegal. It has nothing to do with hacking. It simply entails using freely available search tools to more usefully sift through publicly-accessible information that’s online. What you actually do with that information is, of course, entirely up to you. Good ol’ Urban Dictionary[…]