Journos get their Twitter game on at #indytwittertraining

Social Weaver ran Twitter training for over 100 editorial staff from Independent Newspapers countrywide in August and September 2015. The aim was to familiarise staff with the increasing value of Twitter in an increasingly challenging news environment. Journalists, photographers, sub-editors and editors got stuck into learning more about the mechanics of Twitter, how to ‘filter the noise’ using hashtags and lists, and how to get their content in front of and shared by bigger audiences.

Here’s a list of the publications we visited – thanks for having us!

If content is king, community is its kingdom 

Twitter, like all forms of social media, is most effective when you engage in two-way conversations. Think about it: if you’re at a conference or party, you’re probably going to have a better time by actively conversing with people. That means not just sitting in a corner by yourself, and also not just blowing your own trumpet without taking the time to listen to what other people have to say.

Similarly, for journalists and media organisations, it’s important not to just use Twitter as a link-dumping machine, but to use it to acknowledge, listen to and interact with your audiences. This results in better journalism (because good journalism is all about knowing what your community cares about), a bigger and more loyal following, enhanced brand awareness and hey, maybe even increased sales, subscriptions and/or advertising revenue!

Our training focused on practical ways to achieve the above, and also introduced participants to a variety of free online tools that can be used to monitor, measure and manage one’s efforts on Twitter – all of which are key parts of a successful Twitter strategy.

Participants quickly took to using the #indytwittertraining hashtag to share their thoughts about and post photos of the training – here are a few examples:



If you’re interested in social media training for your newsroom or company, please get in touch.

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