What is the future of Mobile Content Creation?

Mobile phones and tablets are getting more powerful by the month and now even entry- to mid-range devices are capable of shooting and editing good quality multimedia content. How do you achieve success on social media? By providing your audience(s) with compelling content that is both well put together and has a strong message or narrative, and you can produce this kind of content right now using just the  mobile devices you already have.

This is particularly handy skill for journalists to have, as they don’t have to rely on pro camera availability. There is a new annual conference (Mojocon) in Ireland that focuses on mobile journalism (“mojo”), where all the latest trends, tips, equipment and best practises are discussed.

Here’s an interesting video from the 2017 Mojocon, where Roisin Ni Thomain & David McClelland discuss the future of mobile content creation with Senior Reporter CBC National News Erin Collins and Broadcast Journalist & Mojo Trainer Wytse Vellinga.

Social Weaver offers a one-day Mobile Content Creation workshop which introduces attendees to the impressive content creation power and possibilities that their smartphones (or tablets) are capable of. Learn about the best mobile content creation tools and how to create engaging content that really resonates with social media audiences.

Read more about our Mobile Content Creation workshop.

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