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Flex your digital muscles and get into top social media shape!

This one-day course is great for small businesses, NGOs or other groups and explores:

  • Why social media matters and why you can’t afford to ignore it
  • How to grow, listen to and engage with your online audiences
  • How to use social media to produce and promote content
  • How to use free tools to monitor, measure, refine and streamline your efforts

You’ll learn about:

Social media? So what? Why should we care?

This session looks at just how popular Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms are in South Africa, and why it’s business suicide for businesses to ignore the fast-changing ways in which people consume and share news and information.

How to craft contagious content

“Going viral” is a phrase that may sound dodgy, but on social media it means your content is being seen and shared by a large number of people in a short space of time – great!

In this session you’ll learn how to carefully craft compelling and contagious content to most effectively grab people’s attention and get them talking.

The art of great social media conversation

It’s easy to forget that social media is exactly that – social. It’s tempting to use social media platforms as a dumping ground for your best content and leave it at that. In this session you’ll learn why talking with your audiences can be far more valuable than simply talking to them. Being a good listener is a great social (media) skill, and can help you to gather useful information and content ideas.

How to monitor and measure

The beauty of social media is that everything can be measured, so you can easily see what’s working and what isn’t, and tweak your strategy accordingly. This session demonstrates how to keep an eye on exactly how your social media platforms, and the performance of the content you publish on them.

You’ll also learn how to compare yourself to your competitors to get valuable insight into who’s doing what and how well.

Simplify and streamline: do more with less

Learn how to optimise your social media platforms by using a range of free tools and features to put the internet to work for you.

From boosting post reach to scheduling posts to monitoring trending topics, there are faster, smarter ways to do almost everything.

Learn how to stay on top of your game by spending more time on creating contagious content and less on things that the internet can do for you while you sleep.

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